otis spunkmeyer fundraising, fundraising, school fundraising

Why Choose Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising?

otis spunkmeyer fundraising, fundraising, school fundraising

Why Choose Otis Spunkmeyer For Your Fundraiser?


Fundraising for schools is done to finance various extra events including PTA events, field trips, scouts, improving school gym, enhancing the basketball court and various other purposes. One of the best ways of raising money is approaching a well-known brand for help. Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising can help you raise money for various events at your school. Otis Spunkmeyer is a well-known brand that sells chocolate chip cookies, cakes, mini muffins, and various other baked products. The company has been a huge active support for school fundraising events.

Here are some ideas that work well for the purpose of fundraising.

  1. Classic lemonade stand

This is one way for completing the activities of PTA fundraising and school fundraising in a successful manner. The students at school can set up a stall for lemonade and sell it to students, teachers and other people at school. The money collected can be used for field trips, sports activities, recreational activities, plays and other school events. This is a decent way to earn the required sum of money.

  1. A school play to raise funds

This idea works well when it comes to school fundraising. You can organize a play in which the school kids can participate. It is better if the play has a message behind it along with a flavor of entertainment. You can keep a decent ticket price so that parents can attend it to watch their children perform or accompany their children if they are not participating. It is better to mention on the ticket that the money is being arranged for a specific purpose (picnic, football field improvement, enhancing food court etc.). This helps the viewers (particularly parents) in understanding the purpose for which the money would be utilized.

  1. A spelling contest

A spelling contest can be organized on a school-wide scale. You can place an entrance fee for the students who participate in it. Along with that, parents can buy tickets to see the contest.  The total sum of money arranged from participation fee and tickets can be used for the intended school-related purpose. In addition to that, you can also promote this contest through social media and brochures. A prize can be given to the top three position holders.

Why Otis Spunkmeyer is an ideal option for fundraising?

People are more inclined to spend money on something that they are in love with. It is hard to ignore the scrumptious products by Otis Spunkmeyer including cakes, muffins, cookies and cookie dough. Even if you do not have a sweet tooth, it is hard to stay away from these yummy bites. Considering the popularity that the company has, Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising is an amazing option to raise money. Here are a few reasons that justify this.

Well liked popular brand

Today, people are brand conscious about everything including what they eat. It is obvious that there are several other brands selling cookies but Otis Spunkmeyer has much larger sales volumes due to the popularity. In other words, people are more likely to buy an Otis Spunkmeyer cookie than settle for other brands. Thus, if you are using Otis Supunkmeyer at your school selling cookies or cookie dough, arranging money for any school-related event would not be a problem at all.

Otis Spunkmeyer is something that most of us have been in love with since we were kids. The amazing smell of cakes, cookies, muffins and is spellbinding. It is quite hard to resist buying when you are passing by.

Active Fundraising Company

As a company, Otis Spunkmeyer has been involved in fundraising for a very long time. Thus, it helps in raising money in a much quicker and simpler manner as compared to other brands. Along with that, edible products are much easier to sell because they do not have a long shelf life so people feel the urgency not spend a lot of time thinking about buying them and goes on impulse. Considering the consumers that this company has along with its brand reputation, it is one of the finest options for fundraising.

Easy quick selling

It is not hard to sell Otis Spunkmeyer products because people absolutely love them. Once you have Otis spunkmeyer fundraising at school selling these delicious cookies, cakes, and cookie dough, all the products would be sold in no time at all. Brand popularity and reputation matter a lot when it comes to fundraising. Otis Spunkmeyer has been such a popular company for fundraising because of the liking people have for its products.

The Otis Oven Program

There is nothing that smells better than freshly baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. The Otis Oven program is a wonderful method to do fundraising. In this program, a commercial oven used by Otis Spunkmeyer cooking experts is placed at the school, business, or event and freshly baked cookies are served. This program is highly successful for fundraising and you can easily use it to raise money for all kinds of school events including rebuilding the school eating area, basketball court improvement, organizing concerts and organizing book fairs. The Otis Oven program is one of the best methods for school fundraising.

How can Perry Campbell help you?

When you want to approach a well-known brand as a fundraising partner, it cannot be done through a direct approach. You need to get in touch with a reputed company that shares a fundraising partnership with that particular brand. This is exactly what Perry Campbell would do you for. This company shares a fundraising partnership with Otis Spunkmeyer.

Why Perry Campbell?

Perry Campbell Fundraising (www.perrycampbell.com) is one of the best companies helping with all kinds of fundraising. It only has fundraising partnerships with the most reputed brands including Otis Spunkmeyer. The company is highly professional and provides end to end assistance for fundraising and the customer does not have to worry about anything.

Perry Campbell has organized hundreds of Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising events in the past. Thus, if you are looking for a successful fundraising event, Perry Campbell would help you with all the tasks.





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