Wooden Roses

Wooden roses are the perfect way to beautify and add a touch of creativity for your next big school fundraiser. At PerryCambell FR, we work with the most reputed and popular companies to help you increase your sales and drive your event for success!

Why Buy Wooden Roses?

Wooden roses are as close to real and beautiful as actual flowers. In addition, our roses will virtually last forever and are not high maintenance. Plus, they are not expensive, making excellent keepsakes for your guests.

Our wooden roses are wilt-free, and are intricately handcrafted. We manufacture roses using quality fabric leaves and birchwood petals. Moreover, all our flowers are fitted with durable and bendable wire stems. Unlike wooden flowers made from generic and sub-par materials, our roses are high quality and are meticulously designed.

The durability of wooden flowers make them a great item for several occasions such as weddings, and can make wonderful fundraising items you can sell in bundles, and we offer roses in 5 vibrant colors.

Moreover, you can also custom order our roses in a variety of colors to match your company or the school fundraiser campaign, and they will last a lifetime!

A lot of organizations, schools, and clubs are experiencing success thanks to our carefully designed wilt-free roses for fundraising. To order a batch, feel free to contact us.


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