Rooted in Wisconsin…
The Lindemann family has been in the dairy trade in Wisconsin since the 19th century when our great-great-grandfather, Herman, settled in Liberty Township not far from our Pine River plant. He emigrated from Prussia in 1870, and established his dairy farm on 155 acres of pristine woodland in 1886.

Pine River began crafting chocolates in 1986 in response to a strong demand for the chocolate almond bark featured in our school fund-raising brochures. We steadily expanded our repertoire with traditional combinations of milk chocolate, truffle fillings, pretzels, cookies, and caramel with nuts. Our caramel is made from scratch using Wisconsin cream and real vanilla extract. Each candy is enrobed with molten chocolate kept at the perfect temperature. This artful tempering gives the candy a lustrous finish and velvety texture. We even recreated our mother’s homemade holiday “turtles” with milk chocolate, caramel and pecans. They became our best-selling and award-winning Pecan Jamborees®.

We had experience making slicable Dairy Fudge™ in the 1970’s. A blend of cheese, cocoa, honey, and butter that quickly became a local favorite. In 2014, Pine River reinvented Dairy Fudge into a spreadable form high in calcium and protien that is delicious on graham crackers, pretzels, or even as a topping for your morning waffles!

Snack Spread is made by blending cuts of Grade A–Wisconsin State Brand–Natural Cheddar and other choice ingredients. A variety of popular flavors are made by adding herbs or spices. In processing, it is heated to destroy active microorganisms. This pasteurization process makes it less sensitive to temperature changes in shipping and storage. It’s perfect for gift baskets and boxes or in situations when constant refrigeration is not possible. Snack Spread contains more moisture, but less fat and calories, than Cold Pack or natural cuts of Cheddar. This gives it a softer consistency so it can be served as a spread, a dip or warmed to create a sauce.

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