What Your Favorite True Chocolate Says About You


True Chocolate

Chocolate is delicious. There is no debate about that. The only possible debate that can come out of it is which flavor is more delicious. Are you aware that your favorite chocolate flavor says a lot about your personality? Well, here are the most common flavors of chocolate and what they mean in terms of a person’s personality.


This is probably the most popular chocolate flavor because of its sweetness. The ingredient list includes condensed milk and at least 20% of cocoa solids. If you like this type of chocolate then you are as sweet as milk chocolate. Lovers of milk chocolate are sweet and are considered introverts. They keep to themselves most of the time but they also really care about other people. As introverts, they prefer reading or just staying at home. They are also hopeless romantics. They are either in long-term relationships or waiting for the right person to come along. There is no in-between for them, no random hook-ups.

Dark chocolate

This is a flavor that not a lot of people can truly get behind because it is kind of bitter. Chocolate lovers who enjoy dark chocolate are classy and sophisticated. They also care so much about what people think about them so they are not rash. They are very calculating. They think about the pros and cons of their actions before they do it. Dark chocolate lovers are also health conscious as dark chocolate has many health benefits. It has antioxidants, and it can reduce the risk of heart disease.


People who love caramel-flavored chocolates are the life of the party. They are also impulsive—they buy things because they are on sale even if they don’t need them; they react to things without context; and they jump on adventures. They are not overly concerned about their careers. Other people may look down on them for not being serious about life. Actually, they are! They are serious about living their best life!


People who love almond chocolate are definitely nutty—but not too much. Chocolate-covered almonds or chocolate with almonds are like two favorites in one package. Personality wise, this entails a person with two distinct characters, but not in a personality disorder kind of way. It just means that they are versatile and can interact well with different types of people. They can be quiet at home but boisterous with friends. They are also known to be very dependable.

Rice krispy

True Chocolate with rice krispy definitely has a crunch in every bite. So do people who love this type of chocolate. This entails a personality that people will be surprised by because people who love rice krispy don’t always look like their character. They may look like a nerd on the outside but they are actually party starters.

True chocolate and their true colors

So what kind of True Chocolate are you? Chocolate is not only fun to eat, it is also a fun way to recognize your personality. There are also so many chocolate products that come from cocoa, so there are many ways to indulge. Cocoa also has a lot of byproducts like cocoa butter and cocoa liquor.