fundraising, perry campbell fundraising, school fundraising

Fundraising at its Finest

fundraising, perry campbell fundraising, school fundraising

Fundraising at its finest

When you talk about school fundraising, it is a strong productive way to gather money for educational improvements, PTA’s and other similar purposes. For productive school fundraising, the best way is to approach reputed brands. When people buy the fundraising products by these brands from their stalls, forms, and kiosks, they earn money which is used for fundraising purposes for the organization or cause.

The role of PTA’s (Parent Teachers Associations)

There is no doubt that PTA’s play a key role in fund raising for lot of purposes including field trips, after school dance clubs and school sports clubs. The fundraising ideas and activities are finalized in PTA meetings. Some fundraising ideas used by PTA’s are as follows.

Walk a thon

A walk a thon is a superb fundraising idea that can be used to collect a large sum of money. It’s a healthier activity for school fundraising as compared to setting up a stall of candies. Walk a thons involve students as their parents and the participation fee is quite low. Prizes are given to position holders. PTA’s and fundraising companies use this method quite commonly to raise funds.

Selling T Shirts

Selling T Shirts is one of the quickest methods to raise funds for education and other purposes. To start with, you need to find a t-shirt fundraising service through which you can design custom T Shirts. You need to have a catchy design or highlight a key event through the apparel.

It is important that the targeted audience knows about the T Shirts being on sale. You need to spread the word through newsletters, brochures and on the PTA Facebook group, PTA section of the school website and through all other platforms so that the maximum sales can be generated. A fundraising program can only prove to be successful if people know about it.

Getting a school carnival organized

A school carnival is a good option to save money for field trips, sports activities, fun fairs and other purposes. In a carnival, usually stalls of different things are put up by students including food, board games, balloon shooting, spoon race and other things. Money is earned through entry tickets, game coupons and donation boxes. A lot of schools use this method to raise money for educational improvement, sports competitions and other purposes as well.

Partnering with a popular restaurant

When it comes to food, a lot of people are brand conscious and prepare popular restaurants. PTA’s do consider this option to raise money for any extra activity at school. To start with, you need to select a restaurant that is loved by students and teachers. Secondly, get a confirmation about whether the restaurant has a fund raising program or not. If it does offer a fund raising program, get in touch with the related staff for organizing the campaign.

Fundraising through popular cookie and chocolate brands

It is hard to avoid chocolates and this statement holds water for most people. At times, PTA’s use chocolate and cookie stalls to raise funds for a desired purpose. If you want to opt for the same approach, Perry Campbell (www.perrycambell.com) is one company that can help you. Perry Campbell fundraising has various strong brands including Hershey’s and Otis Spunk Meyer.

Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising

The reputation and popularity of a brand matter a lot for fundraising purposes. Otis Spunkmeyer is one of the most popular cookie brands in the US. People of all age group love Spunkmeyer cookies. Thus Spunkmeyer fundraising can prove to be a good option for raising a large sum of money in a small time frame. Students can easily sell the Spunkmeyer cookie dough considering the popularity and raise money for the desired purpose in quick time The Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising program helps in raising money by selling cookie dough produced by the company. Interested people can get in touch with Perry Campbell for the needed support.

Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising is more helpful than a lot of other brands considering the popularity that it has. Promoting the brand through a cheerleader performance or a simple stall can generate the needed sum of money without a lot of hassle.

Hersheys fund raising

When you talk about brands dealing in chocolate products, Hershey’s is one of the most popular brands. The brand has a wide range of products including chocolates, syrups and shakes.

  • Hershey’s fundraising is a very good option to raise money as the brand is very popular. Most people simply love buying Hershey’s products. People know about Hersheys and the products that it sells. Thus, they are willing to spend money to buy them.
  • Perry Campbell (www.perrycampbell.com) has Hersheys as one of its fundraising partners. Thus, if you want to use the brand image to earn money, you can get in touch with a representative of Perry Campbell and he would be able to guide you regarding the process.

Fundraising through celebrities and popular brands

People are willing to pay money for popular brands and endorsements done by celebrities. For instance, if a celebrity endorses a fund raising campaign, a lot of money would be earned in a short time frame. This is because people follow celebrities and when they endorse a fund raising campaign, people are willing to pay money.

  • Getting hold of popular brands is another key tip to raise money. Most people do not spend money on a new brand because of low popularity level. On the other hand, when you are using popular brands like Hersheys for raising money, the task becomes a lot easier. This is because people know about Hersheys and a lot of them consume its products. Similarly, if you talk about Otis Spunkmeyer, it is a liked cookie brand and its cookie dough gets sold in no time.
  • Fundraising becomes quite hard if you are using the image of a brand that is not popular or does not have a positive image. If you want a fundraising campaign to be successful, it is important to partner which a well-liked established brand.



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