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Small Pieces to Build Big Goals

Have you ever noticed that fall is candy season? Even outside of Halloween, the candy appears at concessions stands for every autumn sport. It’s used to bribe students to participate in extracurricular activities, and the beginning of the school year means thanking parents for their effort with a treat.

You can tap into the magic of the candy season to help set your fundraising goals on the right track for the school year! Hershey fundraising is useful in boosting the kids to fundraise for individual extracurricular expenses like team trips. It’s bite-sized sales that every group member can handle, and imperative to push the team to reach that ultimate target.

Here’s how:

  • Traveling Sales-Kids

The Hershey XL carrier is a five-pound tote that holds a time-tested assortment. It’s easy for a kid to carry to just about selling spot, and 30 items per box is a perfect number to keep motivation high with milestones throughout the fundraiser.

Retail is currently inundated with the pop-up trend, so your fundraiser should benefit from the concept. Kids can bond by creating posters and decorations to make “pop-up candy stores” in places like car washes, churches, or carnivals. Individual sales or squad efforts are conducive to friendly competition within the group, making the fundraising goals tangible for kids and much more fun for everybody.

  • Candy bars are the perfect add-ons

The Hershey fundraising candy box is filled with easy-to-sell candy, not weird leftovers. If you’ve caved to the checkout lane Candyland, you know brand-name candy is hard to resist. It’s a sure profit.

Of course, it may not be feasible to reach those targets with candy sales alone, so think about this scenario:

Your student-aged neighbor comes to your with order forms and promises of Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. Your purchase helps their school orchestra to perform in NYC in the spring. You think this is a worthy cause and sign up to purchase several tubs of dough to feed visiting relatives over the holidays. 

However, your sweet tooth is activated, and you want treats now.

This student, with genius backed by an experienced school fundraising company, brought a box of candy bars which they are selling individually to aid the fundraiser. You buy a Hershey bar. Your craving is satisfied immediately, and you brought that student a few bucks closer to NYC.

Now that is some next-level fundraising.

  • Fall sports are for snacking

We want to be supportive of our student-athletes. Their activities steal weekends, though, and bleacher-induced back pain is tedious. What if games had candy for sale so parents could help the team a little more, enjoy something sweet during the game, and bribe the athlete’s younger siblings into being good sports?

At most events, people plan on buying some sort of snack and, with the payment options of the twenty-first century, it’s harder than ever for people to deny those cravings and good causes by “forgetting their cash.” Go ahead. Twist arms. You know they want you to.

Candy bars may not be the big-ticket items that help a group reach their targets in one fell swoop, their utility and versatility make the Hershey fundraising candy box a superb addition to those campaigns throughout the school year.



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