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Tips on Finding the Best Fundraising Company for Schools

As the new school year starts, the biggest concern for any PTO parent is to find a school fundraising company that’s not in it just for a good sale.

Planning and executing a school fundraiser is a tough task. To plan a fundraiser, however, what’s more important is finding the best company for it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you pick a school fundraising company Bradenton, FL for the following school year.

Tip # 1: Think About Maximizing Profits

When opting for a fundraising company, your first thought should be to find one that will maximize your profits too. Fundraising is all about making a small investment that goes a long way. If this is your 5th, 6th or even 100th fundraiser, you already understand that the more you raise, the more funds you can generate for the school. So, talk to the company personnel and ask them for a detailed report on their average sell-through rate.

Tip # 2: The Best-Selling Product

When you’re trying to find a school fundraising company Bradenton, FL , your focus needs to be the product being sold by the company. Before executing a fundraiser, you need to know your audience and then opt for the product or services that would attract your audience – in your case children, parents and the faculty. Normally, good fundraising companies have an array of products to choose from, and have the expertise to guide you into a better direction.

Tip # 3: The “WOW” Factor

Any school fundraiser organization will definitely have a USP. Find out what is special about that company, what sets it apart. Make a list of important questions to ask, compare the portfolios of the ones you make a list of, and then make an informed decision on which one benefits you the most.

USP’s differ from company to company. The most common is a best-selling product, others include, great discounts, attractive packaging, or reasonable prices. With that being said, don’t decide based on the company’s USP, decide on whether they’ll bring in good business, and what best suits the fundraiser at your school.

Tip # 4: Sampling is Important!

If you’re still skeptical about the school fundraising company Bradenton, FL, the first thing you should do is sample their products. Doing a small survey on their products is one way to determine if the company is a good fit.

Tip # 5: Ask for References

Another way to pick the perfect fundraiser company for your school is to ask the company itself for references. This tip is an important one! Don’t make any decisions in haste. It’s important to know what kind of company you’re affiliating yourself with. The references can be of renowned companies or even past clients the company has worked with

If the company has good references, and each of them checks out, you know you have a great company for your school.

The Bottom Line

A good fundraising organization will have your answers for you, and will be able to provide the best service out there. To have a hassle-free and stress-free fundraising year for your school, keep these tips in mind, we hope they will help you in making a fruitful decision.

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